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Issue 23/2009, November 20 2009 (No. 298)

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Shops in a quarter, close to downtown

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Expensive old buildings in a close to downtown quarter in Bremen
Expensive old buildings in a quarter, close to downtown, in Bremen

I had a little walk around a quarter which immediately adjoins to the city center. I went by tram to that quarter. From the tram I took alook at the entrance of a supermarket in front of which a beggar was sitting. Such a beggar was worth an article to me a few years ago. Today it is a daily occurrence.
When I arrived at the quarter, I firstly went to a bookshop. The bookseller told me that she was glad that a newly opened up big supermarket for organic food was drawing people into the quarter. So I also went to have a look at the supermartket. The large saleroom was well illuminated and painted with quiet colours. A large part of the shop fittings was made of pale wood. The supply of food is as abundant (and perhaps also questionable) as at a 'normal' supermarket. Of course, the goods are more expensive than conventionally produced food. I tried to remember which shops had been located there before - a self-service laundry and a bicycle shop came into my mind.
About 11 am I stood in front of a café which was opened for more than a year ago. Its interior furnishing is reminiscent of middle-class living rooms of thirty or forty years ago. Young people often sit in those armchairs and in front of a cup of coffee and a laptop, but not before 2 pm.
At a corner a delicatessen shop was opened a lot of weeks ago. I took a look at the wine rag and I had to realize that I couldn't afford almost no bottle of this assortment. A view of the customer's clothes had already cleared me up before that I was in the wrong place. The owner of the shop told me that the environment for his shop had been improved because a - from his viewpoint - pleasing café had located in the vicinity .
After I had left the shop, several other shops for wealthy customers, which had been opened in the quarter during the last years, came into my mind. A goldsmith moved into the rooms of a former stationery shop.A shop for select children's fashion was opened.
In order to take some notes, I entered a café, the interior of which was protected by a opal-glass privacy shield. The entire interior furnishing was austere. Several gaming machines were flickering in a backroom. There were only three persons in the seating area. High up on the wall there were two television receivers where turkish channels were on. I inquired as to the reason of the privacy shield. They told me, that paterfamilias, who used to play at cards in this café, didn't like to be seen from outside.

A shop window front in the city of Bremen

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The international poster organisation Loesje has started a project to train young people from all over Europe and Asia in how to organise and coordinate information campaigns about the Millennium Development Goals.

These goals are set by the United Nations to fight poverty and to improve living standards world wide.

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