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Issue 15/2009, July 31 2009 (No. 290)

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store window and sidewalk
The continuous grey vertical line in the middle of the picture is a store window, as seen from the side. The store window separates two completely different worlds. The left half of the photograph shows the view through a side window into shop window front. The right half of the picture shows the sidewalk in front of the store window.
The shopwindow is a narrow self-contained room, where are off-the-peg clothes for men. These goods immovably stay there for many days and nigths. They are continuously illuminated. The goods are tagged with information about their product properties and their prices.After all they are to be promoted and sold. That is also the message of the lettering ‚SALE! SALE! SALE!'.
All people, who move on the sidewalk by day (and also sometimes by night), are individual persons. The sidewalk is a wide open space, which is connected to other wide open spaces. The people don't have tags with information about their characteristics and their prices. And ever and anon somebody, often a man, stops in front of the shopwindow. He takes a look at the clothes. If he bought an exspensive suit, he could impact on somebody.
  He might increase his social appreciation, because 'clothes make the man'. But who did make the clothes? And which kind of appreciation did she get?

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The international poster organisation Loesje has started a project to train young people from all over Europe and Asia in how to organise and coordinate information campaigns about the Millennium Development Goals. These goals are set by the United Nations to fight poverty and to improve living standards world wide.

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