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Issue 28/2005, November 1 2005 (No. 202)
German version
Writing for the web (16)
Fürs Netz schreiben (16) German version 

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He who saves will suffer heavy loss.
Laotse: Tao te king (transl. by Gia Fu Feng)

The two hundredth issue of 'The Daily Groove' was published on October 10th 2005. The hundredth issue (in German) was published two and a half years ago. The quantity of data (contents and source code) disproportionately grew during this period of time, because I started to publish also an English version of the articles a year ago. I think that about 1.3 megabytes of the 2.75 megabytes are contents, that means that all German and English issues are equivalent to sevenhundred typewritten pages which contain 2000 characters each.
It is a very hard work to translate the articles into English. It takes one day to write the German text for example. But it takes five days to translate it. The response is small up to now. People especially in Norway, the Netherlands and Mexico read the English versions of my arcticles. But the circle of English-speaking readers is constantly growing. That's why I'll continue 'The Daily Groove'. I will give more links to interesting non-European websites from my articles from now on (see for example the link at the end of the previous article)

I want to write more detailled reports about daily life in future. It will be reports like the article about a huge housing area in a suburb of Bremen. An article like this one and its translation are very labor-intensive.
Those are the reasons why I will in future fortnigthly publish a new article on Thursday.
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)
(will be continued)

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Thursday, November 10 2005

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We would like to point out that we translated articles from German into English for the purpose of service. We would like to make it clear that the German translations are deciding, because the articles are directed to users who live in Germany.

Wir möchten darauf hinweisen, dass wir zu Servicezwecken englische Übersetzungen vorgenommen haben. Klarstellen möchten wir, dass maßgeblich die deutsche Übersetzung ist. Grund dessen ist, dass wir uns an in Deutschland ansässige Nutzer wenden.

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