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Issue 29/2005, November 10 2005 (No. 203)
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The 'Encyclopédie' made the thoughts of Enlightment come out of the 'salons' as 'published awareness'; Robespierre called the 'Encyclopédie' 'the introductory chapter of the Revolution'.

From the keyword 'encyclopedia' in pocket edition of the Brockhaus Encyclopedia 1988

This year I picked two abondend complete encyclopedias up off the street. In spring I found among waste paper a pocket edition of the Brockhaus Encyclopedia in twenty volumes which was published in 1980. In autumn a family sorted out a lot of books. They put them on a table in front of their house. One day I found among those books a pocket edition of Meyer's Encyclopedia in twenty-four volumes which was published in 1995.
On October 18th the book fair started in Frankfurt. On that day a major newspaper in Northern Germany published a photograph of the book fair on the title page. The photograph showed a copy of a volume of an encyclopedia, which was larger than a man. In front of the volume was a man who stood on a pair of steps. He completed the copy with a hammer.
A few days later there was an insert in the newspaper. The insert promoted a pocket edition of a twenty-four-volume encyclopedia. The encyclopedia was named after a website. This website imparts knowledge of several academic fields to young people. The website is no encyclopedia on the internet.
There are also multilingual open access encyclopedias on the internet. A few days ago someone I know told me that one of those encyclopedias will be published in book form. But it isn't true.
The search engines on the internet are preliminary stages of encyclopedias. They are comparable to a catalog of a liberary.

This year I picked two complete encyclopedias up off the street.
There is only a CD/ DVD version of the encyclopedia. in German. This version contains only the articles which were published up to the time of the production of the CD/ DVD.

On the left page you see a part of an article about 'Wyoming' in the Meyer's Encyclopedia (1995). There is a reference to the keyword 'Yellowstone'. In an open access encyclopedia on the internet such a reference would be a link. On the right page there is the keyword 'WYSIWYG' . This abbreviation describes the designing of graphical user interfaces (What You See Is What You Get). The keyword 'internet' isn't in the encyclopedia yet.
The search engine results are mostly immense lists of webpages which contain the keyword(s) the user is looking for.
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)
(to be continued)

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We would like to point out that we translated articles from German into English for the purpose of service. We would like to make it clear that the German translations are deciding, because the articles are directed to users who live in Germany.

Wir möchten darauf hinweisen, dass wir zu Servicezwecken englische Übersetzungen vorgenommen haben. Klarstellen möchten wir, dass maßgeblich die deutsche Übersetzung ist. Grund dessen ist, dass wir uns an in Deutschland ansässige Nutzer wenden.

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