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Issue 3/2006, March 2 2006 (No. 209)
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A baldcypress can get very old. One estimates that not few specimens in the Florida Everglades reach more than 700 years. In the native range there are isolated specimens which are more than 1000 years old. The baldcypress was a common species in Europe during the Oligocene and the Miocene ....
From:www.gartendatenbank.de (in German)
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On December 20th 2005 I had a few things to do near the main station.On my way I saw a special-purpose lorry with a huge telescopic arm at the roadside of a multilane highway. The telescopic arm was pulled out. At the top of the arm was a small working platform. On the platform was a worker at a dizzying height. He cut out small pieces of a big branch at the top of a tree.

At the base of the tree's trunk was a big gash.
An hour later on the way home I stopped at the tree again. The worker had sawn off more than two thirds of the trunk in the meantime. At the base of the tree's trunk was a big gash.

A worker cut out small pieces of a big branch at the top of a tree.
The worker told me that a heavy squall had broken off a part of the trunk. The tree had forked in early life. Such forks only ride out a limited numbers of storms. The broken part of the tree trunk had fallen into a valuable parked car. The worker didn't tell me anything about injured persons. He estimated that the tree was about hundred years old. He told me that the tree was a baldcypress and had no disease.
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)
(to be continued)

Failures (1)

A fact of life on Phnom Penh streets are the telephone and power lines dangling low, even touching the roadway. Please have a look at 'Daily life in Cambodia 2006', entry February 28 2006 The link leads to the latest entry of the diary.

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