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Issue 4/2006, March 18 2006 (No. 210)
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From a seal of quality of a dating agency on the internet

They turned up suddenly. At numberless bus stops a woman and a man faced the people. The woman was young and pretty. She wasn't old and wrinkled. The man was young and good-looking. He wasn't old and wrinkled. The woman straight faced the people. One could see the face of the man only in profile.The man watched people only out of the corner of his eye. Because he could announce 'I've got her'. He didn't say 'I love her' She couldn't announce 'I've got him'. She didn't say 'I love him'
It was a dating agency on the internet which had available an infinite amount of money to pay for an infinite number of posters. The anglicized artificial name of the dating agency promised relationship by using a torso of the English word 'partnership'. To the left of the name was a kind of trademark which was similar to the mathematical symbol for infinity. Infinitely great were the promises: 'Find the love of your life. Guaranteed.*'. Below this promise was an invitation in smaller print 'Enroll for free now.'

Poster of a dating agency
In very small print was the *-annotation 'The campaign period will last from January 1 2006 to January 31 2006. If you will not fall in love during your six-month premium membership, for which you need to pay a fee, we will grant you a six-month extension for free. Conditions of entry see www.....de'
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)
(to be continued)

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