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Issue 30/2005, December 1 2005 (No. 204)
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Well, in such a wonderful land
you may live in clover.
Many people went there,
but no-one got into the land.

From: Hoffmann von Fallersleben, About the land of milk and honey

I recently found some remarkable things. There were foreign characters on those things. I didn't know, what they were standing for.
One fine morning I found a big, empty, brown plastic bottle. On the bottle there was a label with Cyrillic script. On the top left was a big 2 and a Cyrillic L. So the capacity of the bottle was 2 litres. Then I saw the character string '4,8%' among those foreign characters. The alcoholic content of beer is often about 5 %. The bottle was obviously an empty giant bottle of beer. Then I saw a very small lable. The following information was written in the label: 'Lager beer ''Woroneghskoje'' pasteurized e2,0l distibution by company XYZ Germany 28307 Bremen phone 0421 XXXXX ingredients: water, sugar, malt, hop, 4,8 % alcohol by volume Best before: November 2 2005

Picture on the cover of a religious book
A few metres away from the bottle I found a slim volume. On the front of the book were the bright domes and the tower of a Eastern house of God. Far away behind the house of God there were gloomy tower blocks. Below the picture were Arabic letters.

Picture on the cover of a religious book
On the back of the cover there was a picture of a stately inner courtyard of a huge Eastern building at night. Crowds of people were in the courtyard. In the middle of the courtyard was a huge black box. Most of the people ran around the box. Behind the walls of the courtyard was an illuminated tower. In the background there was another illuminated tower. An Arabic text was placed on the night sky. I leafed through the book. There were only Arabic letters, which I couldn't read. But the composition of the cover pointed to a religious subject of the book.
A few days ago I again took a look at the book. I realized that the page number 1 was at the top of the last page. At the top of the first page was the number 112. You have to read Arabic books in the opposite direction: The last page is the first one.
I found the book and the bootle in September. In September there was also an election campaign in Germany. There were many election posters at the corners of the nearest crossroads. (see Slogans 17) On the posters were often head-and-shoulders portrait of politicians.

Russian giant bottle of beer
Jokers had stuck speech balloons over some posters. A candidate of a great party (link) got a speech balloon with three Russian words

An alienated election poster
The words meant 'Good morning, little pugdog.' (A Russian kindly translated it.)

A bag for grapes
After I had found those things with foreign characters, I became more aware to such phenomenons. In October I finally realized that the packaging of grapes, which we often bought, was labeled bilingually. On one side of the plastic bag was a Turkish lettering, on the other side was the German translation 'Leading at topicality, quality and freshness'. The both sides showed the logo. Below the logo there was the German word for 'group of companies' and its Turkish translation. On both sides there was the German product identfikation for 'Turkish grapes'
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)

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