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Issue 23/2005, September 2 2005 (No. 197)
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40120 people were unemployed in the city of Bremen (including the northern district of Bremen) in August 2005. About 550 000 people live in the city of Bremen.
Source of the information: employment office of Bremen

Birds of a feather flock together.
A proverb

There is an election campaign in Germany. I have got two posters of local candidates, who run for member of parliament. I have pinned the posters on the wall at home.
The candidate of the great party A. is at least sixty years old. His suit is black. His tie is striped. He is hardly smiling. He is looking like a higher official. (Officials don't need to smile. They are proxies of the State.) The background of the posters looks like a blue-and-white cloudy sky. The background may emphasize the reliability of the candidate.

Still life (negative): Humboldstr./ 2004
The candidate of the great party B. may be a little bit younger than the candidate of the party A. His mouth is closed. He is smiling artificialliy. One can hardly see through his frame of mind. Perhaps he is a self-confident person.

Still life: Humboldtstr./ 2004
His suit is sandy. The colour of the background is similar, but it is ligther. This way the poster gets modern and pleasant.I can only speculate on the social status of. the candidate. He looks like a well-off member of society.
The canditates are both wearing very similar blue-and-white striped shirts. They are both greying at the temples. They are both looking very neat, fit and well-fed. Their faces are both well known.
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)

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