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Issue 21/2005, August 18 2005 (No. 195)
German version
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We don't need other worlds, we need mirrors.
Stanislaw Lem: Solaris

There is an election campaign in Germany. A large number of election posters is altering the urban landscape. The election posters of the litte parties emerged first at the corners of the nearest crossroads.
During the last election campaign one of the little parties didn't use the national colours for their posters. This time the party is skilfully using them. On the top left there is a bit of black colour. Next to it there is an area of red colour. This area seems to be part of a flapping flag. The red area finally blends with the yellow backgound colour of the poster.
On one poster of this party one can see the chairman of their group in the parliament. It is a head-and-shoulders portrait of an about sixty-year-old well-fed man. His hair is greying. He has an accurate parting. He is smiling sligthly. His eyes are slightly narrowed. He is looking critically. His shirt is white. His suit is black. His tie is blue and gold-coloured. He looks like a business man, for example like an employee of a loan department.
Still life (negative): Herdentorsteinweg 2004
On a level with his tie his name is written on the poster. He calls himself doctor. Below the head-and-shoulders portrait is a white area. On this white area is an announcement of an election meeting. At this meeting the politician will make a speech about the subject ' the power of freedom - modernization of Germany'.
The poster of an other little party is also announcing an election meeting. At this meeting a minister of the party will make a speech. On the poster one can see his broad head from the middle of the forehead to the chin. There is a grey streak on his forehead. His eyes are looking seriously. His mouth is closed. One can see that he is wearing a black suit, a white shirt and a tie. He also looks like a business man, for example like a traveling salesman.

Still life: Herdentorsteinweg 2004
Below the portrait is the writing ' (first name of the minister) will come!' Only his first name is mentioned.
When I visited an other town a few days ago, I was confronted with slogans of a recently established 'alliance' of little parties. An about fifty-year old, unemployed man handed a leaflet to me . On the recto of the leaflet was the slogan 'We want a new socially-minded policy. Now.' Below the slogan was the name of the 'alliance'. On the verso of the leaflet were a lot of political demands. Those demands were summarized in the slogan 'We demand the preservation of basic rights, protection of basic livelihood, employment opportunities and apprenticeship training positions. Stop cuts in social welfare.'
Besides the leaflet the man handed a visiting card to me, which was egded in red. The card wasn't made of cardboard, it was made of thick glossy paper. Two emblems dominated the upper half. One emblem is the symbol of the 'alliance', the other one is the symbol of the smaller partner. On the underpart of the card was the man's name, his adress, his phone number, his telefax number, his email and his profession. He finished a highly qualified professional training in the field of information technology. There were no informations about his position in the party on the card.
(My girlfriend Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)

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