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Issue 7/2006, April 27 2006 (No. 213)
German version
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O tempora! O mores!
Cicero, Catilina

A few days ago I had to look for a free seat in a crowded tram. Somewhere one of two seats, which faced each other, was free. An about fourteen year old boy was sitting in the other seat. He was wearing very smart and neat sportswear. He had put his big sports bag right into the space between the seats. He had stretched out a leg beside the bag. He had put up his other leg on radiator cover below the window. He was looking out of the window and was listening to music on his portable music player.
I sat down on the free seat and tried to get my legs into the narrow space beside the big bag and the stretched out legs. The boy continued looking out of the window and didn't move. I was afraid to ask the boy to make room for my legs. Finally I pushed the bag a bit aside with my foot. Immediately the boy grimly looked at me. I asked him, 'What's the matter?' He said, 'Why didn't you ask me to push the bag aside?' I said, 'You didn't move your legs, when I sat down. Why should I expect you to push the bag aside?' The boy looked angrily and said , 'Are you sure?' I said, 'I'm absolutely sure.'
Two minutes later the boy stood up. In passing he let the bag brush against my knees. I didn't turn round to look at him, when I said, ' You are bearing out my opinion about your manners.'
A few days later I had to look for a free seat in a crowded bus. An about thirty year old man, who was a bit stout, was sitting in a two-man seat. On his left was his briefcase. On his right was half a seat free. I enforcedly sat down on the free seat.

Rubbish at a bus stop
A few minutes later I asked the man, 'Please could you move over a bit.' He put his briefcase on his knees and moved over a bit. He was visibly angry and said sullenly, 'Your legs are too long. That's why you don't have space enough.'
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)
(to be continued)

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